A Partnership to Enhance Communication With Digital Natives via Digital Signage

HTE (Home Technology Experts), a custom residential and commercial integrator has announced its partnership with Mvix, an industry leader in HD digital signage solutions to provide a complete digital signage solution for Billy Beez USA, LLC., a children's indoor entertainment park.

Founded in 2004, HTE began as a residential integrator and grew their portfolio to include custom commercial solutions. For over a decade, their integrated solutions have provided comfort and convenience, while maintaining and even enhancing the decor. These solutions include energy management, surveillance & access, concealment solutions, home automation and residential enhancement technology and most recently, digital signage. HTE has been dubbed an industry leader, and rightfully so, given their dedication to their customers. In following with their customer-centric approach, every project, regardless of size, is assigned an engineer, dedicated project manager, and client liaison.

Billy Beez is one customer that has enjoyed a thriving relationship with HTE. A kid's dream come true, each of Billy Beez's 7 North American locations promises over 17,000 square feet of slides, obstacle courses, and fun for children of all ages. A space of that size means efficient communication can be a challenge. Relying on bulletin boards and posters alone creates communication gaps which result in confusion, misaligned priorities and indecisive actions. "With so many people coming through our doors, we need to communicate our messages to them as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Alyssa Abrams, Marketing Manager - Billy Beez. "We also want the message, and communication medium, to be undisruptive, but at the same time grab eyeballs easily."

Mvix's digital signage solution takes the fear out of implementation without compromising on functionality. The software is easy to use yet very intuitive.

Alyssa Abrams, Marketing Manager

Digital signage is the most effective vehicle for driving communications. It is dramatically changing how organizations are communicating, replacing static posters with high impact visuals that engage customers. It is especially effective when the audience is digital natives. Major aspects of the lives of today's kids—social interactions, friendships, civic activities—are mediated by digital technologies, and they've never known any other way of life. Using digital signage to communicate with them, and their parents, is a natural progression. "For us, digital is the only way to go," added Alyssa. "Visual is our new language. The tech-savvy kids and their progressive parents expect modern and innovative communication approaches, and digital signage does this for us.

In addition to important announcements, Billy Beez displays party information, promotions, pricing, and menus on their digital signage screens. They're also using the screens to label the party rooms and to play entertaining video and other child friendly content in the party rooms. Safety information such as dress codes for the different play areas, is also displayed on the screen. Strategically placed within the facility, these screens are hard to miss, which increases the visibility of the messages. "We've strategically placed the displays in our high traffic areas, admissions and cafe, to grab our guests attention," added Alyssa. "We've found that guests appreciate the large, clear messaging and we love the fact that we can change the content remotely."

As a member of the Digital Signage Federation, HTE was well positioned to facilitate Billy Beez's transition from traditional signage to digital signage. "Digital signage creates efficiencies that can never be realized with traditional signage," said Lisa Hoffman, the HTE Marketing & Public Relations Manager. "Billy Beez is a forward-looking establishment and we were eager to spearhead the upgrade of their communication solution."

Lisa and her team reviewed a few digital signage providers before selecting Mvix. "Mvix's digital signage solution takes the fear out of implementation without compromising on functionality," said Lisa. "The software is easy to use yet very intuitive." Mvix's cloud-based solution supports HTML5 media playback, playlist and template management, comprehensive scheduling options and a multi-role user management. Also, there are no recurring fees or contract, which promises a quick return on investment. "Although we are a corporate-run company, we operate at a very hyperlocal level in each of our locations. We find that we are constantly uploading new information to fit the needs of those specific markets. The platform makes it so easy to manage all of the locations from the head office and keep up with our ever evolving business," added Alyssa.

"Client and partner relationships  are a keystone of HTE. They put forward a lot of effort in ensuring that their projects are satisfactory, and unobtrusive to the existing structures" said Mike Kilian, the Mvix Director of Business Development. "We're very honored that they partnered with us on the Billy Beez project,  and can only hope to continue this productive relationship."