Mvix and Sony Electronics Announce Native SoC Support for BRAVIA Professional Commercial Displays

Through Sony's Alliance Program, Mvix digital signage software is now supported as a native solution, fully compatible to operate on Sony's Android TV-based BRAVIA Pro commercial displays, further reducing cost, complexity, and potential points of failure for deployments catering to corporate environments, healthcare facilities, retail and educational institutions.

Mvix, a leading provider of Pro-AV enterprise solutions, has completed Sony's Quality Assurance process to allow resellers and end-customers the ability to deploy integrated digital signage software solutions on Sony's BRAVIA Professional Android TV screens. Mutually supported by Sony and Mvix, the combined solutions can confidently be specified by resellers and Systems Integration partners to provide a seamless single device solution by allowing Mvix to operate directly on Sony's BRAVIA Pro System-on-a-Chip displays, powered by Android TV™. Mvix CMS will be fully integrated and ready-to-use on commercial BRAVIA Pro 4K HDR screens to display high-quality images and rich media content.

With employees returning to corporate offices, clear and captivating communication will help re-establish office engagement, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line. Mvix CMS software offers robust features including 1,000+ professionally designed templates and 150+ content app themes (like MS Power BI, Analytics, and MS Office), to effectively communicate with internal employees and office visitors. 

Enterprise deployments of Mvix CMS and Sony's BRAVIA Pro commercial displays are not just for corporate offices. Healthcare providers are able to streamline content to improve workflows and patient communication while managing remotely. Retail markets and educational institutions can also use digital signage to captivate their audience's attention through social apps, videos, ads, and promotions. As a market leader of state-of-the-art integrations, Mvix CMS engages audiences across all use cases, generating measurable ROI.

"Mvix and Sony's BRAVIA Pro solution creates a unique synergy," stated Mike Kilian, Executive Vice President of Mvix. "This alliance delivers a commercial-grade solution targeting quality content and outcomes on an enterprise scale."

Alongside Mvix's trailblazing software is Sony's 4K HDR BRAVIA Pro screens. These displays offer immersive picture quality and professional design with sizes from 32 to 100 inches in a range of peak brightness options. Clients will now be able to provision these commercial-grade displays with Mvix's full-featured software to power workplace engagement, information displays, and promotional messaging.

"Sony is excited to add Mvix to the growing ecosystem of software solutions integrated with our BRAVIA Pro line of commercial displays, featuring a System on a Chip platform with a built-in Android OS system," said Rich Ventura, Vice President of B2B, Sony Electronics. "As Mvix continues to enhance features and grow their brand presence across a range of market verticals, we look forward to jointly exceeding market expectations in delivering ease of deployment and flexible content delivery with superb image quality, as well as the reliability our customers have come to expect from Sony."

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Source: Mvix Digital Signage