Mvix Announces Wayfinding-as-a-Service (WaaS) to Address Reopening Challenges

Mvix Announces Wayfinding-as-a-Service (WaaS) Solutions to Address Reopening Challenges

The WaaS solution is designed to simplify wayfinding for medium-sized enterprises that need affordable and simple yet functional wayfinding in a post-pandemic world

Mvix, a leading provider of turnkey digital signage solutions with free software, announces the launch of its Wayfinding-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution. The solution is designed to simplify wayfinding for medium-sized enterprises that need fairly simple yet functional wayfinding in a post-pandemic world.

“Wayfinding can be quite complicated and in-depth, with options like AR, voice-activated search, detour rerouting, turn-by-turn directions, private access, and more,” said Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations at Mvix. “These options are great to have, but they’re very expensive and out of reach for medium-sized enterprises.”

The Mvix Wayfinding-as-a-Service solution simplifies wayfinding for these enterprises as they’re reopening. Organizations with a few buildings and offices still need wayfinding but without the bells and whistles. Their limited budgets make them ideal candidates for WaaS. 

The WaaS solution is built on the Mvix cloud-based digital signage software, XhibitSignage. The CMS gives users full control over their messaging to ensure consistency and accuracy. 

WaaS incorporates clearly defined managed services deliverables which include:

  • a set number of content to display on home screens
  • design of a touch-capable map
  • floor plan designs 
  • route scheduling
  • a set number of endpoints
  • mobile integration
  • both indoor and outdoor wayfinding support
  • monthly content updates

Mvix built managed services into the WaaS solution because in-house teams may not have the bandwidth or experience to fully manage a wayfinding system. Services provided by Mvix include strategic direction, proactive content updates, access to a design studio, enterprise tech support, and maintenance to minimize downtimes. This empowers organizations to stay focused on their core business.

The WaaS solution is best suited for medium-sized hospitals, corporate offices, and schools. It supports these organizations’ plans for effective reopening and operations during COVID-19. Pricing is affordable and competitive to provide a fast ROI, reinforcing Mvix’s dedication to supporting its clients to overcome organizational challenges. 

“WaaS was born out of our ongoing initiatives to support healthcare, corporate and education markets,” Mike added. “We identified a need for affordable yet effective wayfinding driven by public safety demands. Our team was able to quickly shift speed and package our technology and services into a WaaS solution. This first wave of WaaS is specific to issues brought about by the pandemic and we’re working on a growing number of options to be rolled out in 2020 and 2021.”

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Mvix is a leading provider of turnkey digital signage solutions with free enterprise-grade software. To date, its platform powers over 50,000 active screens for clients including Virginia Tech, NASA, Sodexo, Discovery Channel, Crowne Plaza, and the University of Washington. The use cases include employee communication, wayfinding, emergency messaging, and customer communications.

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