Mvix Digital Signage Fuels Company Wide Growth at D&K Truck Company

D&K Truck Co. Digital Signage

The digital signage network displays event listings, sales promotions, reminders, monthly flyers and safety tips to improve employee and customer communications.

​​​Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and solutions, has implemented a digital signage network at D&K Truck Co., a Freightliner dealership in Lansing, Michigan.

D&K Truck Company, founded in 1948, is a full-service medium and heavy-duty truck dealership. It is an employee-owned, Elite Support certified dealership that proudly represents the Freightliner, Western Star DTR Certified Used and Isuzu commercial truck brands.

The digital signage network is powered by Chromeboxes and managed on the Mvix digital signage software. The goal of the implementation is to improve D&K's overall business health - both externally and internally - by showcasing their business and products in a compelling way.

The Challenge

D&K wanted to upgrade their traditional static flyers, messages, and ads, and incorporate eye-catching digital signage content into their marketing strategy, as well as their internal communications.

They needed a solution that would:

  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Help customers retain information better and stay engaged
  • Streamline all internal communications
  • Modernize their facility

The Solution

Five Chromebox media players, powering five networked displays, were placed throughout the facility. ​Mvix's digital signage software powered each of the Chromebox players, allowing D&K to display specific content targeted towards improving customer satisfaction and employee communication.

The digital signage displays were strategically placed in the lobby, conference room, service department, parts department, and the president's office.

The Mvix software provided:

  • Unlimited users - The Mvix software allowed D&K to have multiple admins to access and change their content as needed
  • Remote access - The D&K team was able to access the software from anywhere. This meant that the screens could be updated on the go to display the most up-to-date information
  • Content-rich software - The Mvix content library includes over 200 content apps and data integrations, giving D&K a variety of content to choose from
  • Advanced content scheduling - D&K was able to schedule event listings, sales promotions, reminders, and monthly flyers ahead of time, customizing their screens to show different content for different times of the day and different days of the week

The Result

This digital signage implementation helped D&K Truck Co. to create dynamic content for informing and educating their customers.

"I have had customers call the dealership just to ask about the digital signage and how they can get the product for their business," said Nikki Meyers, Continuous Improvement Coordinator at D&K Truck Co.

The Mvix platform allowed D&K to:

  • Update their screens with safety tips for drivers and information on various truck parts and services
  • Display content to improve internal communication including event listings, sales promotions, reminders, and more
  • Schedule content ahead of time and customize it to show different content for different targets

​Overall, digital signage was a wise choice in improving the company's communication style, both internally and externally. The digital signage implementation helped D&K achieve their "continuous improvement" goal and maintain both happy customers and employees.

"We enjoyed working with D&K Truck Co. Digital Signage implementation was a crucial step in improving the company's internal and external communication. D&K Truck Co. can now create dynamic content which will be useful to both employees and customers," said Jacqueline Hoffmann, Solutions Consultant at Mvix.​

To read the detailed case study, download a free copy here.

About Mvix

Mvix is a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and solutions. To date, their platform powers over 50,000 active screens for clients including Virginia Tech, NASA, Sodexo, Discovery Channel, Crowne Plaza and the University of Washington. The use cases include employee communication, wayfinding, emergency messaging and customer communications.

Learn more about Mvix at or call 703.382.1739.

Source: Mvix


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