Mvix Digital Signage Software Now Seamlessly Supports Mini PCs

Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and solutions, today announced that its cloud-based digital signage software fully supports x86-based mini PCs powering digital signs.

“Many of our customers are familiar, comfortable with, and are already using mini PCs like the Intel NUC, Lenovo Thinkcentre, Dell Optiplex or HP Mini in their business operations,” said Mike Kilian, VP of Client Success at Mvix. “Now, anyone running mini PCs can easily expand their signage network and take full advantage of the XhibitSignage ecosystem.”

Mini PCs pack a lot of power in a small form factor that’s portable. They can be easily mounted behind a screen, have low power consumption, and are low cost, which appeals to most businesses.

Most importantly, Enterprise IT admins desire the consistency of universal hardware across their entire organizational network. Mini PCs are versatile and they can be easily repurposed for digital signage as a computer, check-in kiosks or POS. This makes them low risk and easier to maintain while giving businesses the flexibility to pivot as their needs change. 

Mvix’s content-rich digital signage software XhibitSignage makes it easy for enterprise-level organizations to create, deploy, and remotely manage dynamic content across their signage networks. Paired with the mini PC, the platform is used widely in corporate environments, educational campuses, financial institutions, and government facilities where hundreds of players are managed centrally via Mvix’s cloud-based interface.

In recent years, Intel’s drive toward low power-consuming chipsets has motivated PC manufacturers to focus on small form factor (SFF) mini PC devices, most of which are engineered, built, and backed for 24/7 commercial use.

“Most of our clients are already procuring these from their preferred suppliers via pre-established vendor contracts, thus enabling a simpler procurement process for large signage installations,” added Mike. 

To celebrate the launch, Mvix is currently offering a free 30-day trial for new customers interested in testing the XhibitSignage software with their mini PCs. Email to sign up.

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Source: Mvix