Corporate TechDecisions Explores 'Digital Signage Content Management Systems' With Mvix

Mvix, a pioneer in subscription-free digital signage solutions, sat down with Corporate TechDecisions to discuss content management for digital signage.

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Mike Kilian, DSCE and Mvix’s Director of Business Development began the interview by defining a content management system (CMS) for digital signage networks, and what features should be present if the CMS is to be effective. He discussed the evolution of digital signage CMS and its maturity from a LAN-based to a cloud-based platform. In the sit down with Corporate TechDecisions, Mike explained why the latter platform is important, especially for corporate communications where dynamic delivery and control of communication is important.

A cloud-based platform gives corporate communicators a variety of control, reporting, and remote access features are critical for effective and efficient communication. These features are glaringly missing from LAN-based solutions.

Mike Kilian, DSCE , Director of Business Development

“A cloud-based platform gives corporate communicators a variety of control, reporting, and remote access features are critical for effective and efficient communication,” said Mike. “These features are glaringly missing from LAN-based solutions.”

In the interview, Mvix’s Mike also offered guidelines on core capabilities that content management software should provide for companies:

What separates professional content management systems from amateur ones is the dynamic content that they can bring to the table. Today’s more complex projects and evolving content consumption in both mainstream media and internally within a company, drive the need for an innovative solution that’s efficient for operators and engaging for audiences.

Some dynamic content examples would include analytics (being able to track and display KPIs that are important to a company), the automated relay of emergency content and integration with a calendar for a customized listing of events

By maintaining a focus on dynamic content delivery, a professional content management system will supplement a firm’s communication goals.

The interview also discussed the importance of remote access, parties responsible for managing digital signage, and tips and best practices for creating custom content.

Mvix has carved a place for itself in the digital signage industry. They are revolutionizing the digital signage space by offering a subscription-free yet powerful cloud-based digital signage software. This keeps costs low and frees up dollars to be spent on a content strategy, network management, etc., which are just as important to the success of a digital signage project as the technology.

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