Research-Led Thought Leadership Paper Explores the Digital Signage 'Pot of Gold' for Professional Integrators

A new whitepaper by Mvix, a pioneer in affordable digital signage, discusses why and how Professional AV/IT Systems Integrators can monetize digital signage.

​The whitepaper begins with highlighting how digitization is reshaping the ways in which customer interaction is handled, and is opening new paths for marketing and customer influence. Every company, regardless of industry, is being dramatically affected by the digitization megatrend. To remain relevant in the digitized environment, achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats, top decisions makers are investing in digital strategies such as digital signage implementations.

In the whitepaper, Mvix expounds on how digital signage is delivering value. The versatility of the technology is impressing end users with its ability to manage and deliver quality content in an easily digestible form. It is also one of the top technology deployments with fast ROI and ROO.

This whitepaper will help integrators understand the medium and determine how the demand by end users can position the them for greater success, often by leveraging their existing resources and capabilities.

Mike Kilian, DSCE, Director of Business Development

According to Mvix, digital signage is one of the easiest avenues for revenue for Professional AV/IT Systems Integrators. Applications of the technology for communication and marketing also present great margin and account control opportunities. It takes advantage of skills integrators already possess, while leveraging their existing customer base. 

From the paper:

From point of sale (POS) implementation and inventory control to customer management and content delivery, the digital signage pot of gold is paying out and integrators are reaping the rewards. End-user businesses are begging for digital signage integration. Organizations are starting to see the benefits of digital solutions and their dynamic flexibility. And now, more than ever, professional integrators are realizing just how much digital signage systems have to offer.

They have both the technology supply capabilities and local market presence which make them ideally suited to supply digital signage. Many firms are using the opportunity to expand their offerings beyond technology resale into service arrears that offer high margins, recurring revenues and a more sustained supply positioning with customers.

The paper also listed industries that are ripe for digital signage deployments and provided tips for achieving digital signage sales success.

The whitepaper is part of Mvix's strategy to foster a relationship between digital signage partners and experts in their local DC-MD-VA market. They are revolutionizing the digital signage industry by offering affordable solutions, including a subscription-free yet powerful cloud-based digital signage CMS. This keeps costs low and frees up dollars to be spent on a content strategy, network management, maintenance etc, services that value-added resellers provide. The company also hosts a quarterly digital signage workshop that brings digital signage experts and local partners together.

“There is a great revenue opportunity for integrators in digital signage,” said Mike Kilian, a Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE), and Mvix's Director of Business Development. “This  whitepaper will help integrators understand the medium and determine how the demand by end users can position the them for greater success, often by leveraging their existing resources and capabilities.”

This new thought leadership paper can be downloaded or read online at The Digital Signage Pot of Gold for Professional Integrators.